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You write in a very sophisticated and polished way but a way that is also highly readable and there is nothing in it that I found particularly irksome or that would cause any type of reader to reject it out of hand. You have quite exceptional ability as a writer; the style has a liveliness and energy about it (the bio facts are an effective touch) and an exceptional first-person narrative technique that engages the reader instantly, and which most readers would find highly accessible. It is notoriously difficult to write for children but you achieve this without difficulty, and this fact alone places the book head and shoulders above others of the same type - Amazon Kindle.

This is a witty little story with a cute relationship between Dan and his ever annoying sister. The characters are well-drawn and the parents really make me feel glad I am an adult. All in all very funny and I’m sure kids will love it. An engaging,enjoyable read - Austin Macauley Publisher.